Where are you on your Happiness Journey?

Happiness can be as simple as a shift in Perspective, and as difficult as a Hero’s journey.

Our situation isn’t all in your mind. Your emotions and struggles are valid.
But the keys to solving the problems keeping you stuck are in your mind. And that’s where mindset coaching comes in.

I offer mindset coaching to help you find your way through the shittiest of circumstances so you can value yourself, become confident in your capabilities and clear in your direction, and create a life you love.

I’ve never worked with a coach before, but I need to figure out my life. Help?

If you’re not sure what your goals are...

  • Want support to figure out what you *do* want

  • Feel totally lost, stuck, frustrated and confused

  • Need fresh insights to find your unique path to happiness

Start with a.....

Foundation Session

A 90-minute session for us to take a deep dive into your life, values, challenges, hopes and gifts, so we can unearth the aspirations and future goals that get you feeling excited. And as we talk, we’ll start building the foundations of positivity and grit (grit is the combination of passion and perseverance that gets us through the toughest times).

We support a PWYC (Pay What You Can) model, that starts at $35/hour.

The average cost a session is $75-150/session, but don't let cost hold you back. PWYC!

Schedule with Me

I’m ready to figure out my goals and need ongoing support to make sure I stay on track and accountable to meet them.

Setting goals is great, but the key is to create a support structure that makes sure you meet them! I’m here to help you with that, holding you accountable, helping you over obstacles that could derail your progress, and reframing “shit that happens” into even more motivation to succeed.

Recommended Number of Sessions

Choose the number of sessions a month, that supports that growth.

Schedule with Me

4 Sessions Monthly

You’ve set the goals, you have the plans. Maybe you need coaching going forward to support those everyday things that come up and funk it all up. We can cover advanced level coaching skills to really help you have skills to ensure the coaching sticks and goals are met. This allows you to have flexibility in the support and coaching you receive.

3 Sessions Monthly

You’ve set your goals or maybe you haven’t but know you need more long term accountability, then this may be for you. Some of my more advanced skill sets can’t be covered in just two weeks a month, maybe your need more consistency. Consistency is the key to change, and this is a good way to ensure it.

2 Sessions Monthly

Use this to get clear on your goal and make meaningful progress towards achieving it as you learn to harness the forces to help you thrive. This is for you if you need clarity, direction, and a strong head start.

Single Session Monthly

These are single sessions (ie. one at a time, as you need them), they tend to work best for navigating one big decision, tackling one challenge, or creating a plan for one goal. If your entire life feels like it needs an overhaul, that’s probably more than we can do in an hour, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start somewhere!

I can’t afford a package right now, not even a payment plan. But I really need some help.

One of my values is to help people who aren’t in a financial position to afford a full session fee, because that was me once. If you’re in tight circumstances, but have the desire and capacity to change then… you just need a little help.

Reach out! As I am a member of the Healing Arts Collective.

I’ve been there too, and I'm here to help!