Happiness is more than a state of mind.

It's a practice.

Mindset Coaching to help you intentionally choose happiness and make positive change, no matter the circumstances

Hello I'm Bianca

Happiness Mindset Life Coach

I know from experience that shit happens, but how we respond makes all the difference. Whatever your challenges right now, you can persevere, make positive change, and yeah — I’ll say it (even if it’s corny): You can achieve your dreams.


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

-Maya Angelou

When we go through hard times, staying positive can feel downright naive (even impossible). But really, the opposite is true. Developing a positive belief system can make you more resilient, so when shit happens, you bend, but you don’t break.

If you are navigating a tough time, a difficult transition, a lifelong pattern of negative self-talk or self-sabotaging behaviors — if what you need right now is a change of direction and an uplifting of spirit that will take you to an entirely new place in your life…

That's what we do here.

Ready to develop the habits that turn lemons into lemonade stands? Read more about my services.

"This has changed my life."

"My coaching sessions with Bianca have been so helpful to me in processing some of the difficult things that occurred this year and in reaching my goals. Bianca is very open and reflective and during our coaching sessions she created a safe and loving space for me to explore all the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from creating the results that I wanted in my life. She is passionate and excited about the work that she does, and I recommend her highly."

Sarah Cowan