When shit happens, do you rise to the occasion or sink under the pressure?

No judgement here. Most of us sink, at least for a while.

When you can call on your best self, your most capable self, your most positive, can-do, take-charge self — it’s amazing how much happiness, inner peace and empowerment you can feel, even when you’re in the shit. Especially when you’re in the shit.

This is what Positive Intelligence does.

Backed by a whole lot of science, this is the applied study of how we can perform better and feel less stressed under pressure — and expand our ability to follow through on our goals.

We call this the Positive Mindset — but it’s much more than “think positive!”

It’s really getting in touch with your Sage, your higher self.

What stands between you and your Sage? Saboteurs — the habits that cause us to self-destruct when shit gets hard.



  • Emotional Self-Awareness

  • Accurate Self-Assessment

  • Self-Confidence

Social Awareness

  • Empathy

  • Organizational Awareness

  • Service Orientation


  • Emotional Self-Control

  • Transparency

  • Adaptability

  • Achievement

  • Initiative

  • Optimism

Relationship Management

  • Developing Others

  • Inspirational Leadership

  • Change Catalyst

  • Influence

  • Conflict Management

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

PQ coaching is designed to strengthen your Sage, weaken your Saboteurs and help you create habits to make you more successful.

But more successful at what?

I don’t just want you to come away with habits to make you “successful,” I want you coming away knowing what you want.

Why gain the skills unless you have a clear vision of where you want to go next?

Halfway through this 7 week program, I’m offering a group coaching session, and one individual session for each student, to go over your big, long-term goals for your life, and all the short-term goals needed to get there.

This can be really hard for a lot of people. I used to be one of them.

If you had a traumatic childhood or suffered depression, like I did, you may not have expected to have made it this far. You may not have thought you needed a clear vision for your future — you were too busy just trying to survive the present.

But now, you’re out of sheer survival mode. You’ve been to therapy, you’re not in crisis, and maybe for the first time, you have space to dream about what your future might hold.

Several years ago, I sat down with a life coach and wrote down my life goals for the first time. In three months, I was able to achieve all of them (I was really driven to make up for lost time!). I want to give you the same advantage of sitting down with a life coach, building a vision for your future, and planning the steps to make it happen.

And, you’ll not only have me, you’ll have the support of your group as well. Because social support is just as important as self-awareness, and it’s critical to resilience.

What drew me to PQ? It’s unique approach to using neuroscience.

Positive psychology and performance science working together to help us overcome our own blocks and do the work.

My saboteurs are Hyper-achiever and Avoider, and I have the habit of taking on too much and feeling so overwhelmed that I shut down. I also have ADHD, which means I’m juggling more balls while getting distracted by even more balls over there! The PQ program required me to pause, write down my processes, get out of my survival/perfectionist mindset, prioritize what I really needed to do, and realize I could do each thing, step by step, without feeling overwhelmed.

This program helps you create time to practice getting out of the overwhelm, so you can step back intentionally and plan your next (totally doable) steps.

Yes, I’ve done this program myself (I had to kick the tires before offering it to you!), and I like the way it focuses on tapping into your highest self. It asks you: “Are you doing the things that make the most sense for getting you where you want to go?” It forces you to slow down and think, rather than react on autopilot.

But I wasn’t completely sold on it until I met with a coaching client who I saw had 3 core habits that were hindering his dating life: people-pleasing, avoiding and controlling. Having just gone through PQ myself, I identified those patterns. He was able to look at what he was doing objectively, ask himself if they were really aligned with the outcomes he wanted, and decide that they weren’t. From there, we could strategies solutions.

This is PQ’s strength — it touches on self-sabotage and its origins, but once you build that awareness, quickly moves onto problem-solving mode to move you forward.

This is the work that lifts you out of the reactivity of the Saboteurs, so you can turn even negative events into opportunities.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I’m all about that!

PQ is an app and a live coaching program — both aspects support each other.

Your personalized companion app, available only to program participants, will give you a different focus for daily practice, building your mental muscles for resilience and self-command. These PQ “gym” sessions teach you how to be clear-headed and calm, even in conflict, and to shift your mindset from Saboteur to Sage.

PQ is a powerful tool. PQ plus coaching? Life changing.


  • The Positive Intelligence Course is 7 weeks of coaching, with an introductory week

  • We focus on mental fitness: Your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset

  • Each week, you have a 1-hour meeting with your Pod, and a 1-hour video training on positive intelligence theory

  • Daily practice on the PQ app takes just 15 minutes total


  • 1 Live group coaching session with your Pod (at week 3/4)

  • 1 individual 1:1 coaching session, just you and me, to define your goals and vision for your future


  • You find yourself deep in overwhelm most of the time and can’t see a way out

  • You feel stuck in habits that make it nearly impossible to create lasting change

  • Sometimes, or all the time, you don’t feel like you’re functioning at your optimal level

  • You’re not currently in life-or-death crisis, and you’ve likely tried some therapy (therapy helps you work on past hurts and get healthy, but when you’re ready to create a life plan and move forward, that’s where coaching comes in!)

  • You’re open to meditation practices and technologically capable of using an app

  • You can make time to watch a video every week and practice skills for 15 minutes daily — strengthening neural pathways requires a daily commitment


  • You can’t make time to engage with the Pod or watch the videos

  • You struggle to make time to prioritize yourself, so much that you’re unlikely to do it

  • You are in crisis right now

  • You can’t figure out apps on your phone and need a lot of tech support

If this sounds like it might be what you need to help you take action on your goals and get MOVING with the life you want to live.



Or contact me with any questions.

I’m happy to chat and make sure this is a good fit for you!